Xiem Tools

Acanthus Art Roller

X10018 Acanthus Art Roller by Xiem ..

$9.95 $11.95

Adjustable Cutting Wire and Spring Wires

X10120 Adjustable Cutting Wire and Sprin..


Art Roller Handle

X10118 Art Roller HandleThis stainless s..


Art Roller Mini Set A w/handle

X10125 Art Roller Mini Set A w/handleKee..

$13.50 $15.90

Art Roller Mini Set B w/handle

X10126 Art Roller Mini Set B w/handleKee..


Art Roller Mini Set C

X10127 Art Roller Mini Set CKeeps Rollin..


Art Roller Mini Set D w/handle

X10128 Art Roller Mini Set D w/handleKee..


Attachable Letter Stamp Set-36 Lower Case

X10296 Attachable Letter Stamp Set-36 Lo..


Attachable Letter Stamp Set-36 upper Case

X10297 Attachable Letter Stamp Set-36 up..


Attachable Numbers Stamp Set - 12 pcs

X10298 Attachable Numbers Stamp Set - 12..


Bamboo Art Roller

X10002 Bamboo Art RollerBe bold. Express..


Baroque Art Roller

X10001 Baroque Art RollerBe bold. Expres..


Bat Lifter

X10179  Bat LifterPrevents broken n..


Bat-mate 12

X10091 Bat-mate 12 by Xiem Pottery ..


Bat-mate 14

X10093 Bat-mate 14Every bat needs a mate..


Bevel Cutter with 30 45 and 60 degree cutting wire

X10108 Bevel Cutter w/30, 45, & 60 degree..


Carnation Art Roller

X10026 Carnation Art RollerBe bold. Expr..

$9.95 $11.95

Carving & Sculpting Tool Set w/double end (7)

X10083 Carving & Sculpting Tool Set ..


Carving Tool Set w/double end (4)

X10080 Carving Tool Set w/double end (4)..


Carving Tool Set w/double end (9)

X10081 Modeling & Carving Set(Double..


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