Spectrum Stamps

Spectrum Stamps

Spectrum Stamps made by Relyef are an exciting new product for decorating on clay. 

These stamps are made by 3-D printers using environmentally friendly bioplastic material. 

All of the stamps have a graduated angle of penetration that makes for easier cutting into the clay and an easier release they you get with other stamps. 

The result is a clear, clean impression in the clay. 

Our stamps do not leave lines on the edges.  You can make your impressions as deep as you like without any telltale borders or messy lines. 

Each set of stamps comes with a wooded handle for ease of use.

Stamp Handle, Pack of 10..
$3.80 $4.00
Thin Spirals Stamp Tool Set by Spectrum0..
$23.75 $25.00
Bees Stamp Set by SpectrumAll of the sta..
$23.75 $25.00
Celtic Stamp Tool Set by Spectrum30 mmAl..
$37.05 $39.00
Stamp Set #1 by Spectrum0.6 x 0.6All of ..
$23.75 $25.00
Dots Stamp Tool Set by Spectrum0.6 x 0.6..
$23.75 $25.00
Flowers Stamp Set #1 by Spectrum1.2-inch..
$28.50 $30.00
Jumbo Squares Stamp Tool Set by Spectrum..
$56.05 $59.00
Celtic Butterfly Stamp Tool Set by Spect..
$18.05 $19.00
Flower Puzzle Stamp Set #1 by SpectrumAl..
$21.50 $22.50
Set of Flowers Stamp Set #2 by Spectrum1..
$28.50 $30.00
Flower Puzzle Stamp Set #2 Outline by Sp..
$25.25 $26.50
Flower Puzzle Stamp Set #3 by SpectrumAl..
$20.90 $22.00
Flower Snail Stamp Set by SpectrumAll of..
$14.75 $15.50
Lizards Stamp Set by SpectrumAll of the stamp..
$29.00 $30.50
Celtic Hearts #1 Stamp Tool Set by Spect..
$26.15 $27.50
Celtic Hearts #2 Stamp Tool Set by Spect..
$16.15 $27.50
Daisies Stamp Tool Set by SpectrumAll of..
$15.25 $16.00
Feathers Stamp Tool Set by Spectrum2-inc..
$33.75 $35.50
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