WC-408 B-Mix with Specks Cone 5 mid range clay - 25 lbs bag

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    WC408 B Mix with Speckles - Mid Range, Cone 5 Clay by Laguna.  

    This clay has the same working properties as your favorite B Mix WC-401.

    This is a mid temperature, smooth, porcelaneous stoneware that  is very plastic and workable.

    This clay prefers slow drying and ample compression on rims and bottoms to avoid cracks.

    Do Not fire this clay above Cone 5.

     Glaze Test Results

    We have tested B-Mix with specks, WC 408 with excellent results on many of our Laguna glaze series.

    -MS Series (Moroccan Sand)

    -Many of the MS series have shown fantastic results. Glaze fit is very compatible with BMix with specks.

    -Crackle series

    -The crackle series has some of the more interesting results as the glaze causes the specks to bleed and turn purplish

    -Crystalline Firing

    -Mystic series

    -The Mystic series Tends to cover the specks unless using WC-104 or WC-103



    Cone: 5

    Firing Color: Oxidation: warm white with speckles - Reduction: N/A

    Texture: Smooth

    Penetrometer Target: 6.75

    Avg. Shrinkage 2±%:  12.47%

    Avg. Water Absorption 1±%:  2.47%

    COE x 10-6: 6.51

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