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Blooms Desert Bowl

27161 Blooms Desert Bowl- in Ceramic Cone 04 ..


Blooms Salad / Soup Bowl

27160 Blooms Salad / Soup Bowl - in Ready to..


Ceramic Bisque Beaded Rim Bowl

Beaded Rim Bowl in Ready to Paint, Cone 04 Ce..


Ceramic Bisque Casualware Cereal Bowl

MB1113 Casualware Cereal Bowl in Ceramic Cone..


Ceramic Bisque Casualware Serving Bowl

MB1114 Casualware Serving Bowl in Ceramic Con..


Ceramic Bisque Cereal Bowl

21446 Cereal Bowl - in Ready to Paint, C..


Ceramic Bisque Chevron Bowl

MB1615 Chevron Bowl in Ceramic Cone 04 Bisque..


Ceramic Bisque Clam Shell Jewelry Bowl

CCX323 Clam Shell Jewelry Bowl 5-3/4 High..


Ceramic Bisque Condiments Bowl

22698 Condiments Bowl- in Ceramic Cone 04 Bis..


Ceramic Bisque Coupe Pasta Bowl

21428 Coupe Pasta Bowl - in Ceramic Cone 04 B..


Ceramic Bisque Coupe Serving Bowl

21671 Coupe Serving Bowl - in Ceramic Co..


Ceramic Bisque Llama Container

MB1537 Llama Container in Ready to Paint..


Ceramic Bisque Mosaic Bowl

MB1614 Mosaic Bowl in Ceramic Cone 04 Bisque6..


Ceramic Bisque Rice Bowl

MB-105 Rice Bowl in Ceramic Cone 04 Bisque By..


Ceramic Bisque Rimmed Pasta Bowl

21425 Rimmed Pasta Bowl - in Ready to Paint, ..


Ceramic Bisque Rimmed Serving Bowl

21670 Rimmed Serving Bowl - in Ceramic Cone 0..


Ceramic Bisque Scalloped Bowl

MB1613 Scalloped Bowl in Ceramic Cone 04 Bisq..


Cow Kritter Sundae Bowl

20-112-w2s Cow Kritter Sundae Bowl -in Cerami..


Dessert Bowl

SB110 Dessert Bowl in ready to paint, Soft-Fi..


Frog Sundae Bowl

20-110-pb Frog Sundae Bowl - in Ceramic Cone ..


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