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Alphabet A-Z for Clay Work

K3719 Alphabet A-Z  - Sprig Mold&n..


Angel & Cherub Sprig

SG060   Angel and Cherub Sprig ..


Bails Sprig

SG51 - Bails Sprig Mold1.2" LSprig Molds pr..


Beauty Accessories for Clay Work

K3844 Beauty Accessories for Hand Building ..


Bees / Grasshopper / Branch Sprig

SG-62 Bees / Grass Hopper / Branch SprigTwig ..


Birds Sprig

SG61 Bird Sprig Sprig for hand building 3..


Bread Tray Hump-Slump Set for Clay Building

H-S-07​ Bread Tray Hump-Slump Set for H..


Butter Dish Hump-Slump Set for Clay Building

H-S-08 Butter Dish Hump-Slump Set for H..


Cat Sprig for Clay Building

SG-13 Cat Sprig for Clay BuildingPieces range..


Cat Stamps for Hand Building

XX013 Cat Stamps for Clay Building ..


Celebrations Doodads for Clay Work 3L

K3721 Celebrations Doodads Sprig Mold3"&nbs..


Celestial Sprig for Hand Building

SG18 Celestial Sprig Mold for Hand Build..


Crescent Slump for Clay Work

SP-10 Crescent Slump for Clay Hand Building ..


Cross Sprig for Clay Building

SG011 Cross Sprig Dimensions: 2.5”- 3.5”S..


Cross Stamps for Handbuilding

XX011 Cross Stamps for pressing designs ..


Cute Flower Sprig for Clay Building

SG14  Cute Flower Sprig for Clay Buildi..


Dog Parts Sprig for Clay Work

SG-35 Dog Parts for Clay WorkSizes range from..


Dog Sprig for Clay Building

SG15  Dog Sprig for Clay BuildingPieces ..


Dog Stamps for Hand Building

XX015 Dog Stamps for pressing designs in..


Dragonfly & Lizard Sprig for Clay Building

SG007​  Dragonfly & Lizard Sprig ..


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