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    SL448 Doily Stencil by Mayco Colors

    Add creativity and fun to your artwork with Mayco Designer Stencils;

    Designer Stencils for ceramic surfaces, texturing clay, glass, paper crafts, home decor and more

    Ceramic Surface Directions:  Use the stencil to make patterns on ceramic bisque or greenware by applying your favorite non-moving glazes such as Stroke & Coat or Foundations over the unglazed surface or by layering glaze.  Use dimensional glazes, such as Stroke & Coat Accents or Sculpting Medium, to create embossed designs.

    Texturing Clay; Press stencil into clay to create texture and / or use teh stencil as a template to carve designs.

    These stencils are sturdy - yet pliable enough to wrap around a curved surface.

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